Jeremy Clarkson’s New Car Show

The Grand Tour

The Grand TourFormer host of Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson’s new car show will be called The Grand Tour.

The reason for the title is that each episode will be recorded in a big tent pitched in different countries.

The series launches in autumn and Clarkson will reunite with his Top Gear co-presenters and producer.

Top Gear propelled the journalist to global fame but he lost his job after he punched a production team member.

Last July, Clarkson, along with Richard Hammond and James May, signed an exclusive deal to make a show for Amazon’s subscription service, Amazon Prime.

“Thing is we’ll be travelling the world hosting each episode in a different country, from a giant tent. It’s a sort of a grand tour, if you like. So we’ve decided to call it The Grand Tour,” Clarkson said in a statement.

Amazon said that its customers around the world would have the chance to be in the audience when tickets are released through prize draws in the summer.

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– Written by Rekha Kulen


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