Snezana Markoski Wins The Bachelor’s Heart

Sam Wood & Snezana Markoski

– Written by Patricia “Patty” Tamayo

Sam Wood & Snezana MarkoskiSam Wood is a bachelor no more after choosing Perth-based mother, Snezana Markoski as his new lady love.

Some would argue that Snezana always had an upper hand over the other girls. From their romantic first date, to their stolen kisses and obvious physical attraction to one another, something special was always there.

Despite being surrounded by a myriad of other gorgeous women, Sam had always maintained a very passionate and honest relationship with the single mum. And that’s precisely why she was so different to all of the other girls.

A lot of people doubted that Sam could handle being a father figure for Snezana’s 9 year old girl, Eve but they were oh so wrong!

This season’s Bachelor owns a Melbourne-based kids health and fitness company called Gecko Sports which only meant one thing; he was great with kids!Sam Wood & Snezana Markoski

Sam really hit it off with Eve and he was also prepared to work hard to “make it work”, despite Snezana originating far from Sam’s hometown of Melbourne.

Congratulations to the pair! I sincerely hope your relationship lasts and you prove those jealous green-eyed haters wrong!

How do you guys feel about Sam’s choice? And how much are you looking forward to the Bachelorette? Comment and let us know your thoughts! Or you can just go on a tweeting frenzy like Premier Mike Baird.


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