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RJ Mitte

RJ Mitte

Hey guys it’s Lauren Yeates from Rave It Up here.
Hollywood actor, RJ Mitte from the hit TV ‘Breaking Bad’ recently visited Australia to make a speech at the Sydney Opera House about overcoming adversity. I sat down with while he was here to find out what it is like working in the industry with cerebral palsy.

Have you found it hard in the industry with cerebral palsy?

Yes and no. At the end of the day, the trick in this industry is to just keep working. That is why I do so much in different avenues because if I did rely solely on acting, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. I think it’s a hard industry for anyone, not just someone with a disability, so I’m lucky I get to be apart of it to the capacity I am.

Do you feel playing Walt Jr in Breaking Bad helped raise awareness?

Oh yes. I think Walt Jr in particular raised awareness on a number of different topics. When you first saw Walt Jr, you saw a character with a disability but as the show kept progressing, it evolved and you no longer saw the crutches and you no longer saw the disability, but you saw the character itself and that’s what’s really important.

I heard that when you were younger you were bullied, and even had your hand broken. How did you get through those tough times?

I think the main thing is I just defused the situation and walked away. When it would escalate, that is when I’d fight back and if I couldn’t fight back, I’d definitely have support of family and friends and luckily witnesses to help me with my case. But I think everyone in this world is bullied to one degree or another, no matter who you are. No matter how old you are. The thing is we never really get out of high school, but we just have to be able to not allow ourselves to be manipulated by the insecurities of others. The people who are usually bullying you are more afraid of their life than you are of yours.

And what advice would you give to those wanting to follow their dreams of becoming an actor?

Just go into it. Don’t be afraid to put everything into it and if you love what you’re doing, be passionate about it because as soon as you start hating and resenting it, there’s no point to it anymore. When you get to that mindset, just back away from it and find something that makes you happy.
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