REVIEW: Tokyo Ghoul Season 1

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul has taken the anime world by storm with its twisted yet brilliant plot line and its mature gory scenes that can captivate its audience, as well as give them a thrilling time. Written by Chuji Mikasno and directed by Shuhei Morita, this dynamic duo makes one hell of a show. This is the know how on Tokyo Ghoul Season One.

Kaneki Ken faced a horrible problem in his life when he was a little boy after his mother died. Kaneki found another love in books but he was friendless, until he met his best friend Hide. As Kaneki grew older, his life became less simple. Until his worst fear came true.

Miss Rise is one of the most powerful Ghouls in the series. She is a small but crucial part in Tokyo Ghoul as she is the reason for Kaneki’s accident. On the run from other strong and crazy Ghouls, Miss Rise comes across Kaneki.

Tokyo Ghoul

The series is set in Tokyo Japan in a possible future where a new species of humans are discovered known as ‘Ghouls’. But these Ghouls are not to be taken lightly as they dine on humans for food. Kaneki Ken is the main character and with his terrifying back-story, his life really does become tragic. Kaneki becomes a ‘Half Ghoul’ in a horrific accident with Miss Rise. When Kaneki wakes up from the attack, he finds out that his organs have been changed with Miss Rises’ to keep him alive, making shy little Kaneki half ghoul and half human. As the world of Ghouls are being hunted by government agents, Kaneki must keep both worlds safe, his friends safe and fight a losing battle in his own mind.

Tokyo Ghoul

I personally loved every bit of Season One because of the horrific scenes and the dark characters, but there were also many plot twist in the series that were unnecessary. It can become very confusing if missed or not understood properly.

I believe that there were many flaws. Some information should have been added to help the plot line flow well. Information and questions such as:

  • How were Ghouls created?
  • Will Kaneki ever control the Ghoul within him?
  • Why was Miss Rise being hunted?

Now I’m not one for psychopath’s hell bid on killing but characters like Jason and Tsukiyama made Tokyo Ghoul more interesting with their tragic and gory pasts. Half way through the season, I became empathetic towards characters such as Kaneki, Touka and Hide because you realize their deep, dark emotions and what is going through their heads as each character’s story gets told. One of the things that I loved about the first season was the way each character acted towards death and other horrific scenes based on their personality and how the creators made the characters seem more realistic because of the way they would act towards horrifying images.

Tokyo Ghoul

The artwork of this anime is amazing as it doesn’t cover the gore, but instead makes it more real and believable. The characters need more work done to help make them look more realistic, but the delicate and faded colours make you notice every trait and detail about each character. The backgrounds are filled with just as much colour as each character is but it doesn’t have the same sense of beauty and delicate texture as the characters, making the characters stand out less which for me made the show a lot less appealing as I struggled to get through the first two episodes.

Tokyo Ghoul


  • Good story line
  • Well designed
  • Scenes that create a realistic sense
  • Cleverly thought out characters
  • Good colour and definition


  • Needs more information
  • Questions to be answered
  • More attention to things other than the characters
  • Less plot twist. May be too confusing

Rating: 9/10

I highly recommend that you go and watch this season and let us know what you think by commenting below.

– Written by Andrew Craig


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