REVIEW: Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

In the year 2022, there is a discovery that allows full dive technology to video games, which simply means it is as if you are in the game. Sword Art Online begins in the room of a young boy named Kazuto Kirigaya, who is a previous beta (before full release) tester for the game Sword Art Online. It is the same as entering a normal game. You get to customise how you look and all of the above, but one thing nobody expected was the twist that comes along with logging in on the release day. Kazuto in the game puts his first and last name together therefore equaling Kirito, and not so long after entering the game, Kirito is called out by a man named Clyne. Clyne realises he is a beta tester and asks him to show him the ropes. Further along into the day, Clyne has ordered a pizza and has to log out so the two of them part, but Clyne looks at the screen and there isn’t a logout button. Both of them have no idea what is going on until everyone in the game is teleported to one location. In this location, the game master says, “Welcome to Sword Art Online. You’ll notice that there isn’t a logout button. This is not a defect in the game. If anyone removes the Nerve Gear (Full Dive System) then you will die, and if your HP (Health Points) Bar hits 0, you die for good.” Let the adventure begin!

Sword Art Online

This anime is personally one of my favourites of all time because the art style is really well done and is full of vivid colours, which liven up the anime. The story is probably one of the most unique of it’s time, which brought on a whole new genre of video games and also pushed forward the genre of survival. Sword Art Online was definitely one of the most revolutionary anime too and blew up in no time. The sounds also flow without any stutters, and it really immerses you in the situations he gets into. I am getting goose bumps now just thinking about it.

Sword Art Online

In anime, a key feature is the character development. This is basically how a person develops and breaks down the barriers that once held them back. With this, it really brought a depth of care for what happened to each character and what he would go through. For example, there were some moments where Kirito would get really emotional and you can’t help but cry along (if you’re me anyway). There was a substantial amount of character development between Kirito and a girl named Asuna Yukki. These two build each other’s character and fill in the blanks for each other and with this, builds a strong relationship that only grows over the seasons.

Sword Art Online

One of the only bad things about this anime was the second season. It could’ve transitioned better and built more on the characters. They decided however to use the main character as a way to build on more characters, which isn’t a bad thing at all but they didn’t build on the hero, just everyone else.

Overall, Sword Art Online is a great anime filled with twists and turns every step of the way. Be warned though because once you start watching it, you can’t stop. You can’t help but have hope that someday, they can beat the game.


  • Great Art
  • Fantastic Story
  • Relatable Characters
  • Atmospheric Sounds


  • Bad Season Transition

Rating: 9/10

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– Written by Harrison “Harry” Lewis-Driver