MANE – House of Horror



Bluesy and soulful artists are often overlooked by the mainstream theatre of music, especially when they are a little more on the eccentric side. MANE is one such artist.

In the recent release of her new EP House of Horror on June 24, MANE explores the emotional stages of a rough heartbreak. Bitter was the first taste from the new EP, released on June 10, and gave the listener both an introduction to MANE’s distinct voice but also her haunting lyrics.

To describe the EP in one word would be an injustice but haunting fits the bill well. Between the disturbing nature of House of Horror that features the type of vocals you might hear in an old horror movie to the destructive force of Violent Love, MANE’s introduction into the musical world is nothing short of enticing.

Her eclectic voice that is both pure and emotional mixed with the percussive dramatisation of her vocals bring together a vibe for the EP that transcends the typical blues or pop genre. Bringing about a new sound that reinforces strength in Bitter, as well as revealing the artist’s sensitive side in Ashes to the River, denotes the intoxicating build of MANE’s music.

The EP is by no measure perfect, however. Some of the tracks tend to bleed into each other, making the EP a little repetitive and hard to distinguish between tracks. Despite this, the EP is a good introduction to a unique artist and showcases the incredible talent she possesses.

In order to properly introduce House of Horror to the world, MANE will be touring around Australia starting in Adelaide on July 15, moving on to Melbourne on July 24, before wrapping up in Sydney on July 29.


  • Haunting melodies and lyrics that are enticing
  • Unique sound with eccentric vocals


  • EP can be hard to distinguish between tracks
  • Songs become a little repetitive

Rating: 7.5/10

– Written by John Ardic


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