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Melbourne-based electro pop newcomers KINGS. released their latest single (u) West Coast on July 1 and it is a prime example of a true Aussie uplifting, feel-good track.

KINGS. is made up of lead vocalist Hayden Jeffery, Sam Buirski, Caleb Williams and Tim Cox. The group’s new single is a well-thought out and simple tune that brings about the feel of an Australian summer.

Led by Jeffery’s cool and soaring vocals, the track uses precise synthesisers mixed with a strong energy that is perfect for any Australian BBQ. The song is reminiscent of the kind of local talent one might hear on Triple J, while maintaining a unique beat.

One downfall of the single, however, is that the chorus can feel overplayed. While definitely boasting a catchy tune, it tends to get a little repetitive towards the end of the song.

Alongside the track is a lyric video that is exactly what one would associate the track with; picturesque beaches and a laid-back feel.

KINGS. has already begun to get traction in the industry with their first single Whispers, reaching up to 80,000 listens on Spotify and 30,000 views on YouTube.


  • An uplifting and feel-good track that has a unique Australian style.


  • Chorus can feel repetitive.

Rating: 7/10

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– Written by John Ardic


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