Hunter Adams – Chrysalis

Hunter Adams Chrysalis

Hunter Adams Chrysalis

There is a lot of music centred around love in all its forms and it’s often captured in a certain light. Hunter Adams’ debut EP Chrysalis features more a lack of love, and the strength needed to get by without it.

Alongside the EP, Adams also dropped one of those much talked about 360° videos for her new single Fool of Me. Created by Lumen Arty Studios, the video portrays Adams in many different styles and stages. As you scroll through the video, you can see Adams never quite fitting in or comfortable in her many different surroundings.

The video is an interesting take on relationships and love in general in that we try on many different styles for those we care about, never quite fitting into places we don’t belong. The lyrics for the single are not over the top but convey a powerful message nonetheless – “This ain’t right/I’m trying to be strong like you taught me to.”

Fool of Me is just the start of what plays as a thoughtful and emotional passage into the different stages of a person trying to find someone to love, and having to get by without it. Get Mad, which plays as an homage to 80s pop with its catchy tune and percussive tone, is the start of the songwriter’s independence. It is both powerful and sassy with a hint of sadness.

Adams boasts a soft and smooth voice, and is able to bring you into the song as if you are living the story with her. This is most prevalent in How Do I Know where she croons “if you leave, how do I know you’ll be back?” In her voice, the listener can feel Adams’ desperation and loneliness.

Throughout the EP, there is the common theme of lost love and trying to move on. Adams has the potential to be one of the bigger artists of our time with her unique voice. Her music, however, does not reflect that uniqueness, rather she appears to be very comfortable in her melodic pop shell. Bursting forth from mainstream sound in order to create music that is distinct would be her next step as an artist.


  • Soft, smooth and unique voice
  • Able to tell an emotional story in her vocals and connect with the listener


  • Requires a more unique sound in order to distinguish herself from other mainstream artists

Rating: 8/10

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– Written by John Ardic


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