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Game of Thrones

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Mondays are usually the start of a new tiresome week filled with work, studying, assignments and exams. However, never have I felt better to start off every Monday morning with an episode of Game of Thrones. There is little doubt that directors David Benioff and D.B. Weiss would stun audiences once again in the second episode of Season 6 Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones

Beyond the Wall

The episode starts off with the Three-Eyed Raven training Bran Stark. Bran is taken back to Winterfell, where he watches Uncle Benjen train, as well as Aunt Lyanna and Hodor before being pulled out of his vision. Meanwhile outside the tree, Meera Reed questions the need to stay at the tree, however Leaf states that Bran will need her presence when they leave.

Kings Landing

At Kings Landing, the Lannisters are trying to rebuild their power due to the rise of the Sparrows and the recent deaths in their family. As such, Ser Gergor Clegane kills a man after boasting about flashing Cersei during her walk of atonement in the next scene. Meanwhile, Jaime threatens the High Sparrow at the Sept where Myrcella’s body lies. The High Sparrow has really shown how powerful people in Kings Landing really are and they can “overthrow an empire.” Again, Tommen is shown he is too young to handle such a powerful position as King as he tells Cersei that he needs her help to be a strong ruler.


After discussing with Missandei and Grey Worm, Tyrion agrees to unchain the dragons and hence, allow them to eat again. Tyrion and Varys eventually go to the Pyramid, where Tyrion talks to the dragons gently and successfully unchain them. I absolutely adore Tyrion’s bravery. But what separates him from everyone else is his knowledge and communication – which is key when setting the dragons free.

Game of Thrones


Waif again approaches Arya. Arya again says she is “no one” when asked her name. Waif disappears and Jaqen H’ghar appears. Again, Arya says she is “no one.” Jaqen tells Arya to follow him and tells her she is no longer a beggar.

Iron Islands

Yara and Balon are arguing about the possibility of invading the North. Balon leaves the discussion annoyed and is seen walking across the swinging rope bridge that connects the buildings in Pyke, bumping into his younger brother Euron. Eventually, Euron throws Balon off the bridge after telling him he is too old to rule. They send Balon’s body out to sea and Yara says she will seek reprisal on whoever murdered him. However, with Euron coming in, the question will be about who will rule the Iron Islands?

Game of Thrones


In the castle, the Maester interrupts a discussion between Roose and Ramsay Bolton to bring news that Lady Walda has had a boy. One of the most shocking scenes occurs next as Ramsay stabs his own father to death, knowing that Roose’s son would be his first heir. In the following scene, Ramsay leads Walda and her newborn baby to a trap where they are killed by the hounds. Ramsay is very much the character replacing Joffrey – an evil power-hungry character. I genuinely cannot wait for him to be killed – hopefully Jon Snow or Sansa can unleash some sweet revenge.

Game of Thrones

Castle Black

As soon as he and Ghost are about to be attacked by Alliser Thorne, Tormund and his bunch of Wildlings storm Castle Black. They arrest Alliser, Olly and his group. Davos then convinces Milasandre to attempt to save Jon. Ser Davos is one of those characters that has always been there to help no matter what side he has been on. You just really can’t hate this guy. Milasandre cleans Jon’s wounds and mutters some charms but when everything seems lost, everyone leaves the room. The moment had finally come. With the room empty and Ghost sleeping beneath the table, Jon unexpectedly awakens and gulps for air.


Game of Thrones

Conclusively, while the last episode was excellent, this episode was AMAZING. Again, the directors don’t stop the deaths of main characters, which really keeps the suspense going. Anyone can die at anytime and no one is safe! However, no one can ignore the resurgence of Jon Snow. The question on everyone’s lips has finally been answered. This episode just encapsulates as to why Game of Thrones has been so successful. Sometimes villains such as Ramsay need to win and heroes need to lose. A job well done Benioff and Weiss!


  • The return of Bran Stark. He went missing for a season and its good to have him back and seeing what he can influence.
  • Balon is dead. I hated Balon for all his worth – he was too old, too greedy, too irritating and too depressing.
  • Alliser Thorne and his team (including Olly too) are finally arrested.
  • JON SNOW IS A-L-I-V-E!!!!!!!!!


  • Although there are time constraints in each episode, we don’t get to see Dorne. With Doran dead in the first episode, I would love to see how Ellaria will come back to haunt the Lannisters.
  • We don’t get to see Arya as much, especially for such a key character.

Rating: 9/10

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– Written by Peter Hoang


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