Vlog 21 – Today, we saw Nitro Circus LIVE in Sydney, Australia. They celebrated their 10th anniversary, so you know what that means!! MORE awesome stunts.

Vlog 20 – Today, we saw Little Mix LIVE in Sydney. Find out how it went by clicking play.

Vlog 19 – We go behind the scenes of Ramos’ video clip for his new song called ‘En3rgy’.

Check out the full music video for ‘En3rgy’:

Vlog 18 – To celebrate World Kindness Day, we go behind the scenes of Cassidy-Rae Wilson’s video clip for her new song called ‘Just Smile’. Find out what it’s like to be an extra in a video clip!

Check out the full music video for ‘Just Smile’:

Vlog 17 – Today, we go behind the scenes of Todd McKenney’s Peter Allen show at Bankstown Sports Club. We get to see his sound check, his dressing room and of course, the show!

Vlog 16 – Today, I was invited along to my friends’ “Adventure Day” at Wattamolla Beach. There was no phone reception! We enjoyed life, bush walked, found waterfalls and even had a sand castle competition.

Vlog 15 – Today, I had a lovely lunch catch up at Bondi with Stephen Mahy.

Vlog 14 – Today, I went to see magician Liam Power in his show ‘Around The World in 80 Tricks’ as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival.

Vlog 13 – Today, I hosted a talent quest called ‘I Wanna Be Famous’ with my dear friend Ramos D-Artist.

Vlog 12 – Today, I interview your favourite YouTube stars on the red carpet at 2015’s YouTube Fan Fest.

Vlog 11 – Today I reveal Rave It Up’s next BIG interview! Click play to find out who it is.

Vlog 10 – Today, I interviewed chef Adrian Richardson, and then met Megan Castran aka Jewelchic (Oprah’s Australian Friend)

Here is Megan’s video with Oprah: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZkAN-JhQSM

Vlog 9 – Have a look at my first time in Melbourne, Australia.

Vlog 8 –  Today, I supported Michael Jackson impersonator Jason Jackson at his MJ Birthday celebration show and then I hosted Elizabeth Issa’s EP launch. Check out all the fun!

Vlog 7 – Have a look at all the fun we had at Rave It Up creator and presenter Lauren Yeates’s 21st Birthday Party

Vlog 6 – Today, we went to the MO Awards with Michael Jackson tribute artist Jason Jackson. Check out the spectacular event.

Vlog 5 – Today, we went to Sydney’s AllPhones Arena for Clarkson, Hammond and May Live (formerly known as the Top Gear Festival). Everything from exotic cars to car football. Awesome day! Check it out.

Vlog 4 – Today, I take you behind the scenes of the Rave It Up radio show, when I aired my pre-recorded interview with celebrity body piercer and Tattoos After Dark star, Chris Saint.

Vlog 3 – Today, I decided to catch up with my friend Adam in the city, but there’s a catch….we didn’t plan anything. We let the day take us where it may! Find out where we ended up.

Vlog 2 – Today I pre-recorded a phone interview with Kristian Lavercombe, who plays Riff Raff in the Rocky Horror Show.

Vlog 1 – Michael Jackson impersonator, Jason Jackson came on the Rave It Up radio show live tonight to pay a lovely tribute to the King of Pop.


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