Prison Break Season 5 To Be The Biggest Yet

Prison Break

Prison BreakSeven years after the end of Prison Break, the up and coming 5th season is set to be bigger and better than ever.

The first look at the season back in May showed that Wentworth Miller’s Michael Scofield had not tragically met his end but was in another prison in Yemen.

The new season will be action-packed, form new alliances and bring back old faces, and it will be bigger than simply breaking out of prison, the characters will need to break out of the country.

In the latest sneak peak, Wenthworth’s co-star on the show Dominic Purcell explained that the team will need to plan their biggest escape yet.

The story for the latest season will apparently involve Michael being accused of working with ISIL in a conspiracy to take down the government, and the team will need to figure out who is setting Michael up and why.

Plenty of questions have arisen over the new season with lots of theories floating around as to how the events came to be.

Prison Break Season 5 has no air date as yet but is set for release in Spring 2017.

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– Written by John Ardic


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