MacGyver Reboot Will Be More Character-Driven


MacGyverCBS’s reboot of MacGyver will begin in September this year but this version will be slightly different to the original 80s version.

Starring Lucas Till, the reboot will ditch the “lone wolf” persona and the younger MacGyver will be surrounded by a support team of operatives all with their own unique personalities.

Executive Producer Peter Lenkov and director James Wan explained that they planned to bring MacGyver into the 21st century. They intend to dive into the character and give him a family with an emotional journey.

One aspect which will stay true to the original, however, will be MacGyver’s incredible ability to improvise tools and weapons from whatever is in front of him.

“He’s a cerebral hero,” Lenkov explains, “his superpower is his brain.”

The new show will have some callbacks to the original series including the iconic theme song, which will be slightly updated. The original MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson, is also due in for a cameo.

MacGyver will air on Friday September 23rd on CBS.

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– Written by John Ardic


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