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Lauren Yeates


Lauren Yeates“Passionately pursuing a career in Entertainment Reporting”

Lauren Yeates is passionate about Entertainment reporting via radio and TV.

At an age when most young people are still searching for their path in life, Lauren is busy carving out a niche for her­self in the competitive world of broadcasting with her own radio show.

At only 21, it is hard to believe that she already has 5 years experience under her belt as a budding journalist. Lauren’s interest in media started back in 2010 when she developed a website dedicated to reporting news about a little known singer named Justin Bieber. Having recognised his talent early on, Lauren was hopeful she could earn an interview with the artist one day if she helped to promote his music down under.

Her dream came true later that year when she was 1 of only 10 young people to win a ‘meet and greet’ with the star during his visit to Australia. This taste of success was enough to fuel a dream within Lauren to become a interviewer.

(Her website has gone from strength to strength & has now received over 8 million hits)

This new found determination & enthusiasm led her to develop a second website dedicated to reporting Entertainment news, specifically targeted to the teenage market. And so Rave It Up was born! By gaining successful interviews with people like Justice Crew and taking full advantage of all social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, Rave It Up has grown into a successful brand with a dedicated following. (

Lauren’s love of radio developed in 2011 when she plucked up the courage to ask a local community radio show on SWR-FM 99.9 in Blacktown if they needed an assistant to help out behind the scenes. Lauren was given a small trial period and made full use of the opportunity by quickly making herself indispensible, contributing research topics and new segment ideas for the show. Listener numbers increased phenomenally and Lauren’s dedication was rewarded with a guest spot on the show.

Now bitten by the bug, Lauren wholeheartedly jumped at an opportunity to be trained at operating the panel and learning media law. This additional training later led her to develop a proposal for her own show, Rave It Up. The show was accepted and quickly garnered a strong following. Lauren now works tirelessly to bring celebrities and up and coming artists on her show to share their path to success and to give advice in a fun, fast paced style that appeals to the Y generation.

To round out her hands-on experience, Lauren obtained a Bachelor of Journalism at the end of 2014 from Macleay College in Sydney. She excelled in her studies with High Distinctions being awarded to many of her assignments & exams and Lauren has held the positions of Multimedia Editor, News Editor and On-Air Presenter for the Macleay Newsroom.

In her spare time, Lauren loves being a mentor and role model to troubled young teens and can often be found assisting with young development programs such as Tomorrow’s Youth Empower U and Free Spirit Girl.

“I love to help teenagers navigate through the hazards of youth and encourage them to find and follow their passion in life.”

Whilst Lauren loves her entertainment career at the moment, her ultimate goal is to one day make Rave It Up a TV show as well, that is as big as The Ellen Show and E! News.


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