Justin Bieber’s Stylist

Justin Bieber

Justin BieberNo one else is allowed to touch Justin Bieber‘s hair, except his stylist Vanessa Price.

Vanessa tells Elle magazine how it is to be Justin’s stylist.

“It feels like silk,” – Vanessa Price

Today, Price and Justin Bieber are inseparable: “You’re the only one who’s allowed to cut my hair,” Justin Bieber told Vanessa Price. A week before his seventeenth birthday, Bieber was ready for a change, so Price pulled out her scissors and gave Justin a suitable new look for a young man instead of a teenage boy,” but also unveiling his forehead. “The world had never seen it before!”

 He also relies upon Price’s makeup skills to cover the occasional zit.

“He’s a teenager, he works hard—of course he gets breakouts” -Vanessa Price

….And that’s why he uses Pro-Activ

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