Justin Bieber and Pippa Middleton Join Forces

Justin Bieber

Justin BieberJustin Bieber has already started getting cosy to Pippa Middleton’s parents¬†with the news that Bieber has signed a deal with Middleton’s family business to sell his merchandise.

Justin Bieber’s representatives confirmed that ‘Party Pieces’ – the website owned by Pippa Middleton’s parents – will be selling the comprehensive sounding ‘Justin Bieber Party Kit’ along with other items, such as necklaces, award ribbons and a pinata.

The business’ online newspaper ‘The Party Times’ – which is produced by Pippa – loudly proclaims “We’ve got Bieber Fever!”

‘Party Pieces’ has reportedly experienced a boost in business since the wedding, particularly from the U.S. Pippa Middleton


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