Justice Crew Interview On Touring With One Direction And Why They Love Niall Horan

Justice Crew

Justice CrewJustice Crew have just released their killer new song ‘Boom Boom’, so we thought it was time that we got the latest goss from Australia’s hottest dance crew.

Emmanuel, Lukas, Lenny and John dropped by The Hot Hits studio in Melbourne for a chat, and they couldn’t resist asking them about their tour with One Direction earlier this year.

Emmanuel said, “They’re cool, we respect them as artists too. Niall was the one that always came to our dressing room and was like ‘yeah what’s up guys'”

Lukas continued, “He watched our sound checks and stuff.”

Emmanuel added, “Got to have lunch with Harry.”

Unfortunately they didn’t get to actually go out and party with the One Direction boys.

Emmanuel revealed, “We tried, but both managers were like if all the boys are together it’s just going to be crazy so try and keep them apart.”

Check out the interview below to see what the Justice Crew boys said about being topless in their ‘Boom Boom’ video, and find out whether LMFAO stole their shuffling moves from Justice Crew.

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