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Hugh Jackman

Hi guys it’s Lauren Yeates from Rave It Up here. I was privileged to sit down recently with the one and only, Hugh Jackman to talk about his new movie PAN, which is out in cinemas now.

Hugh Jackman 

We are all so used to seeing you in movies like Wolverine, Australia and Les Misérables, and you look different in every part you play. How did you prepare for your character of Blackbeard? 

I shaved my head, got out my sword…One of my favourite movies growing up was The Princess Bride and in my final year of drama school, we had to do a movement piece so we basically did a re-enactment of that massive fencing scene so I’ve always dreamt of doing something on a film like this so we really put a lot of hours into doing the training.

I heard that you found it hard to get angry and dark in your role as Wolverine in X-Men. Did you have difficulty being evil in this film?

No, because I really enjoyed it. I find acting always challenging because I want to find it challenging. I don’t want to spend six months of my life on something that’s too easy. I think I get the best out of myself when there’s a little element of me going “I’m not sure if I can do this,” but at the same time, I think being in a job where you’re just bored would be one of the worst things in life and I’ve never had a day of being bored in my life.

Did you find it easier or more challenging playing an evil role?

It’s taken a long time for me to work out that the hero gets beaten up the entire movie, except for the last fight and it’s in reverse for the villain. You get the best dialogue and great costumes. I had a lot of fun with this. 

Did you base the character off someone like the original Captain Hook? 

No, because actually in the J.M Barrie book, there’s one line that says ‘Captain Hook learnt his trade as the boatswain for Blackbeard, so Blackbeard is of course a real pirate that existed and was only around for nine months but it took a lot of ships to bring him down. He was very powerful. So I did read about him but we use none of that. This is Neverland. This is a child’s imagination, anything goes. So I have a samurai wig on, I have a costume that probably looks a little more like Louis XIV meets a samurai. It’s just all over the shop, but I loved the fact that we were tying in a storyline from the original J.M Barrie book.

Do you think your character has any redeeming qualities? Anything that makes him more relatable?

I think he’s someone that’s got to the top and he’s done anything he has to do to get to the top. At the same time, he’s there and he’s a bit bored. Not that a lot of people can relate to that but he’s sort of driven by fear. That is something everyone can relate to. That is what drives us. For a long time I wanted to get rid of that and I hated that feeling and I just say to kids who are scared, “you kind of got to come to terms with it. It’s something good.” It is something that is your friend. It makes you work harder. Fear sometimes is right, like fear of that cliff is a good fear, so it’s not about getting rid of fear, it’s about managing it. 

Every Disney movie always has an underlying lesson within them, so what in your opinion, is the lesson people should take from this movie?

Well I think in this film, it’s really exploring that coming of age, believing in yourself, and it’s something that is not talked about enough with kids. There’s a lot of talk now about be who you are which is important but it’s that inner journey of coming to terms with who you are. Not worrying so much about other people’s expectations but just really believing in who you are and then anything is possible, and also I think the enduring theme of Peter Pan is that idea that as an adult don’t loose that childhood sense of wonder and adventure and magic that actually does exist out there but some how as adults we get so weighed down by the day to day of life that we can loose it.

Check out the full interview with Hugh Jackman below:

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