Daniel Jofre Wins The Biggest Loser

Daniel Jofre

Daniel JofreAfter three long months of intense exercise, weekly weigh-ins and a lot of tears, 24-year-old Daniel Jofre has won Australia’s Biggest Loser.

It came down to the three Jofre brothers – Pablo, Tony and Daniel – fighting it out on the scale on Tuesday night’s finale on Channel Ten.

Even though only one sibling walked away with the prize money of $100,000, Daniel said his win was a victory for his whole family.

“What I’m most proud of in the journey is that we’ve all become a healthier us, a happier us, a better us. I’m proud of being a Jofre.”

Before their “journey”, they ate ice cream for breakfast and their trainer, Michelle Bridges was even in tears after meeting the family. Throughout their time on the show though, the Jofre brothers won 9 of 12 weigh-ins and more than half of the challenges.

Daniel Jofre

Now that the competition is over, Daniel said that he wants to stay committed and is determined to keep his physique. He plans to eat healthy and to build muscle mass. At the start of the season, he weighed 132.0kg and slimmed down to 80.4kg in the 12 weeks, losing 51.6kg.

“The scales don’t mean much to me anymore, as long as I’m healthy and fit.”

The journey to lose weight didn’t just boost Daniel’s own confidence, it boosted the whole families.

“Rob’s definitely happier, healthier, fitter and he’s going to be there for his wife and Amelia and newborn Sophie… And for Pablo and Tony, their confidence has gone up and I know that they’re going to achieve great things in life now.”

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– Written by Jacques Pierre Du Casse


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