Interview with Paula Parore from AViiDA


Rave It Up recently had a chat to Paula Parore from AViiDA about their debut EP Dear Me.


Paula, you were originally on Season 1 of The Voice Australia. How was your experience on that show?

In 2012, I was still finding my voice. I was so nervous and didn’t know anyone. All the other states’ artists seemed to know each other well. It was a whirlwind of emotions. Clay and I were newly married when I had my blind audition. In fact, we only had a two-day honeymoon because of the timing of the show. My most memorable moment was backstage warming up for my blind audition and I could hear the amazing Jimmy Cupples warming his vocals with incredible power and high notes and I thought to myself “Why am I here?” I stood on stage with my heart beating out of my chest and closed my eyes to sing the first few notes. When I opened my eyes, I saw Seal staring at me! Mind blown!

I heard that you originally started singing over 7 years ago to show your daughters that they can be anything they want to be, as long as they work hard for it. Is that true?

This is absolutely true. We were having a mummy daughter moment, talking about how in this lifetime whatever they want to try, I will do my best to make those dreams become a reality. They then switched it on me and asked me what I wanted to be. I told them a singer and they said why don’t I do it? I had to show them that you can achieve anything by believing in yourself. I had to show them that by working hard you can achieve anything.

Are your daughters wanting to pursuit music now too?

All my daughters are beautiful singers but none have the passion to pursue this.

Did you personally always want to do music in your life? Was there any other careers that you wanted to pursuit in your life?

I never wanted to pursue music until I moved to Australia. I was always a sports fanatic and wanted to be a silver fern. When I became a teenage mum at 17, life changed and purposes changed.

You went back on The Voice last year with your husband Clay and that’s when AViiDA was born. How did you find being on the show the 2nd time around?

For Clay, it was that same rollercoaster of emotions. I enjoyed watching him experience this side of The Voice. I was much more comfortable and knew what to expect. I enjoyed it so much more this time around and made great friendships.

Why did you name yourselves AViiDA?

AViiDA is A Diva backwards and the two ii’s represent Clay and I, because one of us is a little bit of a diva lol!

Since you two have left the show and become even more successful, what have you found the hardest thing about the industry?

The hardest thing in this industry is keeping current. As independent artists, we have to work even harder. Getting people to our shows, getting the word out there about our shows.

Have you had any problems with haters of your music or bullying online?

After The Voice, we did suffer some online bullying, but we learnt to not pay it any attention and not give it any power over us. I found that the opinions of “celebrities” towards the show and certain acts was often surprising. 

What advice would you give to the readers who might be getting bullied?

Talk about it to your friends and family. Don’t let it fester or take power over you. We also try not to read silly social media trolls.

You guys are now on your Dear Me Tour, so for the readers who want to come along, what can they expect from the show?

We will be showcasing a soul legends collection and original music. Songs from Stevie Wonder, Etta James, Luther Vandross, Prince and so many more.

AViiDAOn this tour, you guys are promoting your debut EP Dear Me. The title track is also called Dear Me. Can you tell us more about this song? 

Dear Me was written one night after a bully attack. It’s written as a letter to our younger selves. Letting us know that although we will face hard times that it does get better and you are strong enough to get through the pain.

Can we expect a music video for this song too?

We are currently in planning mode for a video clip.

Even though you guys have already achieved so much, what else can we expect from you in the future?

Many more shows! We are looking at touring a brand new show after our EP Tour. It’s a great secret at the moment but stay tuned.

What advice would you give to the readers who want to follow their dreams of becoming a singer?

Practise, practise, practise and find your own voice. Find the best part of your voice and make that stand out more.

As a closing statement, and what is probably the most important question.
Knowing what you know now, what would you tell your 14-year-old self?

Life will get hard but you are so much stronger than you know. You are surrounded by love and will have all the support needed to pull you through EVERYTHING. Don’t give up and always keep smiling. You are worth it!

If the listeners would like to contact you guys or find out what you are up to, where should they go? 

Our website:

Thank you so much for having a chat to us today Paula.

Dear Me Tour Dates:

Wednesday July 27, 2016 – The Basement, Sydney
Sunday July 31, 2016 – Memo Music Hall, Melbourne


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