Australian Survivor Winner Was The Ultimate Underdog

Kristie Bennett

Kristie BennettKristie Bennett was the last person expected to win the reality game show, Survivor Australia, but proved the country and the other contestants wrong.

On Tuesday night, the 24-year-old from Sydney was crowned 2016’s sole survivor and took home a prize of $500,000.

24 contestants had been marooned on the South Pacific Island of Somoa.

Each contestant had to stand on two small poles with one hand on the idol in an emotional and excruciating six-hour immunity challenge.

Bennett and Lee were made the final two when Queenslander soldier El tapped out when her wrist locked up.

Bennett begged Lee to “let her have this one” promising to take him through to the final two.

“You would be making a young eight-year-old girl’s dream come true. Lee, you’ve got to let me have this one,” Bennett said.

Lee fell off, giving Bennett immunity and the deciding vote on who would join her in the grand finale.

She took Lee to the final tribal council where they both addressed the jury about why they deserved to be the sole survivor.

In a shock result, all but one jury member voted for Bennett.

She proved that forming alliances and being the loudest camper doesn’t necessarily equate to smart play.

“You don’t have to be the most popular person, or the cool kid, or anything like that, if you are just yourself, people will respect that,” she said.

“I’m taking one for all that feel a little bit different, a little bit weird, who don’t quite fit the model of what society thinks of them.” 

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– Written by Rekha Kulen


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